The mobile media transition

Hurricane Irene is yet another example of how we are rapidly shifting from an era of mass consumption of live over-the-air and cable television to mobile media. For those disconnecting from expensive, bundled packages and missing 24/7 TV coverage, Justin.TV and other online options model the future.

Mobile media options still lack the identity of the cable channels, but the desire to  have media on the go -- especially in weather conditions that knock power out -- is strong. I see a media world coming that allows us to filter happy talk, augment information through interaction and crowd-sourcing, and build smarter consumer communities. Twitter networks are the best current example of how text and links produce a richer media experience during storms, political uprisings, and other breaking news and events. It's exciting to take some of the control away from media conglomerates and place it back in the hands of the people. Democracy will be strengthened through mobile media in this century.

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