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Social Media Communication in the News: Real-Time Discussion Starters

LinkedIn reported growth to 675 million members, and Social Media Today noted "record levels of engagement" (@socialmedia2day - 2020, January 31).

Question: Why is it that LinkedIn has both huge growth and a #DeleteLinkedIn campaign?

Workplace Issues
In Dallas, Texas, 13 officers were disciplined for posting racist social media comments last year (@CBSNews - 2020, January 31).

Question: What employer and employee rights should there be when it comes to organizational social media policies?

Students, Free Speech and the Law
"The arrest and sentencing of a Chinese student at the University of Minnesota for tweets he posted while studying in the U.S. raise concerns about restrictions on Chinese students' speech," Inside Higher Ed reported (@insidehighered - 2020, January 31).

Question: How should U.S. campuses teach international students about the differences between First Amendment freedom and what may exist back home?

The Student Press Law Center (SPLC) reports that a college newspaper in Michigan made national news over "unpublishing then republishing" a quote from a coach who admired Hitler's leadership (@SPLC - 2020, January 31).

Question: How could college newspapers better use social media sites to engage with the community over controversial content?

The Associated Press reported that data apps are facing a U.S. "inquiry over underage use" and presence of sex offenders (@AP - 2020, January 31) 

Question: How could dating sites create safer spaces for users? How could they use social media communication to take a stronger stance against violence and exploitation?

SMC news is curated for Social Media Communication: Concepts, Practices, Data, Law and Ethics, third edition (2021).

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