Lady Gaga and social media. She's an international sensation with a boyfriend from Nebraska. After filming here, Lady Gaga this week stopped by at Omaha radio stations to promote her new song, "You and I." As my wife Sandy observed, visiting radio stations to get some air play along with an interview is retro promotion at its best.  Sandy's video shows 94.1 not only attracted local television stations and newspaper coverage, it also brought Gaga's "little monster" fans.

Word-of-mouth promotion worked its way through Twitter and Facebook social networks in a classic diffusion cycle.  Opinion leaders helped carry word of Lady Gaga's location throughout the afternoon.  The event was perfect for mobile, as virtually all of Gaga's fans were posting on their social networks from various  Lady Gaga vantage points. It was a gorgeous July afternoon in Omaha, which made it perfect for drawing crowds and lingering with them. Lady Gaga gets high marks for understanding her brand, her fans, and how to leverage them and traditional media through social media amplification.