Bleeping words
Golden Globe Awards face new problem

With NBC censors using time delay to drop audio on numerous fleeting expletives, the Golden Globe Awards program Jan. 11 had a new problem: fleeting bird flipping.

The incident was plainly visible late in the show --
it is shown here from my TiVo.

Director Darren Aronofsky was seen in a second cut-away shot during Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech flipping his middle finger.

The FCC told Scott Collins of the Los Angeles Times that the agency is reviewing the program.

The incidents come as the Supreme Court prepares to rule on a New York Court of Appeals decision that struck down FCC regulation of fleeting use of the F-word and S-word on previous Golden Globe Awards programs between 2002 and 2005.

The FCC told the Times it has 18 new complaints from the recent show.

Talking points: "We have no case law on gestures, such as flipping the bird," University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Communication Director Jeremy Lipschultz said. "It is probably a stretch to classify it under the FCC's sexual or excretory activities standards."

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